“How the Constitutional Court of Belgium successfully migrated to a brand-new website with the support of Mirahi”.


the client

The Constitutional Court of Belgium is composed of twelve judges who watch over the observance of the Constitution by the legislative authorities of Belgium. It is a public institution with its own funding system based on an annual grant, which enables it to operate in total independence and impartiality.

our services

  • Project management
  • UX/UI design
  • Web Development

the context

overhaul of the existing site, improvement of the structure and search system, improvement of ergonomics and accessibility

The challenges

The Constitutional Court needed a partner to help them adapt and improve their digital information offering towards citizens. Specifically, they searched for expertise to better match their website’s visual part from a design and code integration perspective with the technological needs. Their goal was to migrate the existing website and functionalities and infrastructure towards a new stack, composed of Vuetify, Nuxt.js and Knex.js.  

The project was also launched fully remotely due to the COVID-19 situation, but the Mirahi team managed it as if they were on site sitting next to us.

Lars Devocht, IT Director

The solution

The Constitutional Court of Belgium chose Mirahi as a partner for this project. Mirahi team was engaged in the project management, design, web development and photography of the judges and civil servants for the website, proving its team members’ diverse and expert background to cover all needed steps to complete a project.

Several internal stakeholders were closely engaged in providing their feedback on design, photos and testing of different functionalities that proved to be a best practice in managing this type of project.

Maintaining the legacy system based on PHP and the MySQL database were the biggest challenges during the project. All functionalities were rewritten with the new stack to improve performance, documentation, and readability. The Mirahi team also improved the infrastructure set-up by replacing the original one with a semi-automatized pipeline on Github.

The Mirahi team also guided the client in the decision process regarding the website’s search functionality, which could be tremendously impacted by the changes and could not be fully migrated. Together with the internal team, the decision was to implement the original search on the new website to ensure a smooth functioning of the newly launched site.

The Mirahi team reinforced our internal team with its expertise and formed a unique team with a clear work methodology based on the agile approach. We used Basecamp and Figma as coordination and design tools, together with Github to allow pair-programming and code review.

Lars Devocht, IT Director

The results

The new website was delivered in 5 months within the set deadline, considering that the internal team had a limited availability to work on it and Mirahi team had to adapt to it.

Basecamp’s use allowed documenting all the decisions that were taken during the project implementation and will remain accessible for the client at any moment.

The new website allowed to improve considerably the maintenance of the code base in comparison to the old one.

The level of performance of Mirahi team was way above our expectations. The quality of architecture and code is one of the main successes of this project.

Lars Devocht, IT Director

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