Our Services

At Mirahi, we make new projects happen. By focusing on what matters: we take an idea, enable it with technology, and work with you to turn it into a success. 

Covering a broad range of services, from UX ideation to infrastructure implementation, Mirahi also offers coaching and training in our core technologies portfolio to ensure a seamless handoff. 

With our innovative approach, totally human style and cutting-edge results, we're here to help your business deliver. 

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What people think about our work


  • Mirahi has been a great partner for us in carrying out front-end software development. They are experts in their field, reliable, and results-focused while helping our internal team grow. Their team built a strong relationship based on trust by soliciting feedback and communicating regularly.

    Picture of Laurent de GreefPicture of Laurent de Greef

    Laurent de Greef, IPM Group

    IT & Digital Transformation Director

    Laurent de Greef, IPM Group

    IT & Digital Transformation Director

  • Mirahi exceeded my expectations on multiple levels: overachieving the project target KPIs and technical constraints while operating at a level of complexity and responsibility way beyond the assigned scope... Due to the improved, implemented automation procedure, the delivery time decreased from 2 weeks to only few days...  Mirahi, together with our internal team, was able to deliver 1000+ VMs, be involved in 5000+ Cloud / Infra tasks (deployment, update, emergency changes) and always be on time. Having a team like this on a project is a great asset.

    Picture of Denis GauthierPicture of Denis Gauthier

    Denis Gauthier, Consulting Company

    Infrastructure Manager

    Denis Gauthier, Consulting Company

    Infrastructure Manager

  • Mirahi kickstarted the migration of components to Storybook with Vue.js 3 and Typescript creating a solid basis for the team to keep on building upon. I really appreciated all the tech tips during the project and being challenged on our architecture while delivering the project on time

    Picture of João CarmonaPicture of João Carmona

    João Carmona, Funda

    Front-end Tech Lead

    João Carmona, Funda

    Front-end Tech Lead

  • The course, "Mastering Technical Vocabulary," allowed me as a recruiter to refine my hunting process and understand the basis of technical interviews. All explained in a collaborative, soft and playful way!

    client sarah bebronneclient sarah bebronne

    Sarah Bebronne, Afelio

    HR Recruiter

    Sarah Bebronne, Afelio

    HR Recruiter

  • Mirahi is a team consisting of highly-skilled professionals on all levels: software engineers, business developers, UX/UI designers. I am very satisfied with our current collaboration and their customer-first mindset.

    Picture of Youssef Ben SeddikPicture of Youssef Ben Seddik

    Youssef Ben Seddik, Projinit IT Consulting

    Chief Operating Officer

    Youssef Ben Seddik, Projinit IT Consulting

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Mirahi is a trustworthy and professional partner who understood our specific needs and constraints. Our codebase migration to Vue 3 and Typescript was a big challenge. Mirahi helped us define and set up a robust architecture and implement a component library and collaborative workflows with our design team. They managed not only the technical side, but also coaching our engineering team through tailor-made workshops.

    Picture of Manuel SousaPicture of Manuel Sousa

    Manuel Sousa, Pax Familia

    VP Engineering

    Manuel Sousa, Pax Familia

    VP Engineering

  • Mirahi’s team has profound knowledge of the JavaScript ecosystem, whether it is integration with styled components, front-end development, or going all the way to infrastructure and back-end environments. They do not just perform well—they exceeded my expectation not only on the technical, but also the project management level.

    Picture of Lars DevochtPicture of Lars Devocht

    Lars Devocht, Constitutional Court of Belgium

    IT Director

    Lars Devocht, Constitutional Court of Belgium

    IT Director

Our clients


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Our Accomplishments

Here are just a few of the projects we’re proud of.

Take a look at our work across industries. For us, it’s rewarding to see how our experience and expertise helped clients achieve their goals through a comprehensive set of methods, skills and rock-solid collaboration. 

Hopefully, this selection makes it easier for you to imagine how Mirahi can help you deliver successful projects and realize company ambitions. 

Discover more projects!
computer screen with constitutional court logo and with swirls in background computer screen with constitutional court logo and with swirls in background

Constitutional Court of Belgium

How the Constitutional Court of Belgium successfully migrated to a brand-new website with the support of Mirahi.

Our toolbox

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Creative Cloud

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Azure DevOps

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Clever Cloud

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Dato CMS

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Github Actions

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Graph CMS

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Office 365

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React Bricks

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Shopify Hydrogen

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Svelte kit

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Our Partners

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In partnership we trust

Mirahi enthusiastically supports people, projects and causes that help build the industry and empowers the community.

We also sponsor technology events that bring value and/or serve a higher purpose. Curious and want to learn more? Send us a message!


  • NuxtJS

    We are partnered with NuxtJS, as both an agency partner and an educational partner! Nuxt is a Vue.js-based open source framework that makes web development simple and powerful.

    nuxt colored-textnuxt colored-text
  • Storyblok

    Storyblok is a headless CMS for developers to create, manage, and publish content for any type of digital application. Storyblok offers a simple, versatile and powerful content management API that can drive any type of digital experience from websites and single-page apps to native mobile apps.

  • React Bricks

    React Bricks a user interface library that is, like the name suggests, React-based. Provides a set of reusable components for building fast and user-friendly web applications and enables developers to create a code-free visual site builder for content editors.

  • Brussels React

    15 October 2021

    Brussels React is a React conference held in Brussels. There will be talks by well-known speakers as well as Emerging Developers working on the next big React library!

  • NG-BE

    2 & 3 December 2021

    NG-BE is a two-day event in Ghent bringing together developers and experts from around the world to share ideas and expertise on Angular. The event is divided into two days: a workshop day and a conference day.


    5 & 6 February 2022

    FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. At FOSDEM there are Devrooms where everyone interested in open-source projects can freely join. Devrooms are a place for teams to discuss, hack and publicly present latest directions, lightning talks, news and discussions. These sessions, we feel, will be extremely beneficial to developers.

    FOSDEM_logo iconFOSDEM_logo icon
  • DevDay

    23 November 2021

    DevDay is the largest technical conference in Wallonia, Belgium. It brings together developers from all over the country to share their knowledge and experience. It's the perfect place to learn more about technology and development, and to deepen your knowledge!

    devday logodevday logo
  • Flupa UX Days

    19 & 20 May 2021

    Flupa UX Days is a two-day event held in Paris that is ideal for meeting people interested in UX methods, design thinking, agility and digital project management, serious games, design sprints, and much more!

  • RemixConf

    24 & 25 May 2021

    Remix Conf is a three-day event in Salt Lake City where you can learn all about Remix. Remix is a full stack web framework that lets you focus on the user interface and work back through web standards to deliver a fast, slick, and resilient user experience.

    remixconf darkremixconf dark
  • React Query

    At Mirahi, we use React Query on a daily basis and it helps us to win precious time to focus on other things. React Query is often described as the missing data-fetching library for React, but in more technical terms, it makes fetching, caching, synchronizing and updating server state in your React applications a breeze.

    React query nameReact query name

    Without the use of costly origin calls or render-blocking scripts, natively integrates personalization at the edge of your choice in milliseconds.

    uniform dev logo with uniform text in dark colouruniform dev logo with uniform text in dark colour
  • Figma Tokens

    We started to create Headless Design System in Figma using Figma Tokens to help us link our design rules to code. Figma tokens gives you the ability to use Design Tokens that can be used for a whole range of design options.

Our approach

green door with text on and river with fish flowing out of itgreen door with text on and river with fish flowing out of it

Creativity is the key

Once clear objectives and milestones are defined, we research and explore multiple paths. You receive a variety of options and tools at your disposal, all tested to find the best fit for your business.

in it together text with long arms with hands making hand signsin it together text with long arms with hands making hand signs

In it together

Building strong relationships is a priority, within our own team and yours. We want your team to feel confident that despite the risks, our team has your back. When you grow, so do we.

two girls watering flowers that act as text on red backgroundtwo girls watering flowers that act as text on red background

Do good, be good

Whether we work together now or a year in the future, our goal is to do good work and be good people. That means when the right moment comes along, we’re excited to collaborate with other good people, and in between our projects, let’s stay in touch to learn, have a drink, crack a few jokes, share insight or contribute to a better world.

purple tiger jumping through a ring of firepurple tiger jumping through a ring of fire

Dare to challenge

When you explain your needs, we will respond with questions. It might feel like a challenge, but maybe we already have an existing option that can be instantly deployed. Or perhaps, your ideas expand with possibility. No matter, we never say yes without listening and careful reflection.

open mouth with red lips and text as teeth on yellow backgroundopen mouth with red lips and text as teeth on yellow background

Communicate to co-create

Our secret to successful collaborations? Clear and constant communication. Frequently sharing and updating the what, how, where, when, who and why (plus next steps) helps keep everyone focused and aligned. Better projects and insight emerge!

Our certificates

We are proud to present our earned certificates, but don't worry, this is just the beginning! We stay current on technology to do what is best for our clients and partners.