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Fractional CTO

Our experienced CTOs can help your business in developing its digital strategy and building solutions that align with your goals in a sustainable way.

Let us help you unlock your full potential and drive growth and innovation in your company. Don't let technology be a barrier to success.

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What is a Fractional CTO

A Fractional CTO is a valuable resource for businesses seeking access to high-level expertise and experience without the full-time commitment or cost.
This approach allows companies to grow their digital expertise with the flexibility to scale up or down their commitments as necessary.

Why a Fractional CTO

Our Fractional CTOs act as technical advisors and leaders for the business, and are responsible for guiding the technology strategy and overseeing the technology department. With their knowledge and experience, they are able to provide valuable insights and guidance, ensuring that businesses are able to stay ahead of the curve and achieve their technology goals. So, whether your business is in need of short-term support or long-term leadership, a Fractional CTO may be the solution you've been looking for.​

Expertise without commitment

Flexible Scalability

Technology Guidance

Get access to the knowledge and skills of an experienced CTO without the need for a long-term commitment. Benefit from their expertise without incurring the cost of a full-time hire.

Ensure adaptability to changing business needs and market conditions by scaling technology resources up or down as needed.

Get expert guidance on technology decisions, including selecting the right solutions and aligning technology investments with your business objectives.

How does it work

Potential areas of responsibility

Vision & innovation



Architecture & Development

Product Development



Due Diligence

Our approach

Start small, grow when needed


Consolidate your knowledge

We start in a sustainable way to grow your confidence, embed ourselves in your organisation and build momentum.​​

We believe in big goals, achieved in small, consistent steps. We continuously validate and improve.​​

We commit to delivering value not only through our expertise: the knowledge gained through all the phases of our work is recorded and given back to you, so you can continue to use it.​​



  • Boubacar S. Barry

    Software Engineer

    Co-CTO of Mirahi, Bouba is an experienced technical lead with a vast range of technology tools and a deep understanding of the web development ecosystem. ​

    Prior to joining Mirahi, Bouba served as Architect Advisor for several large agencies / international brands. ​

    Bouba extends his deep technical knowledge with team training experience, including upskilling and coaching.​

  • Maurizio Pedriale

    Software Engineer

    Co-CTO of Mirahi, Maurizio is an experienced leader and manager with expertise in coaching, teaching and agile practices. Prior to joining Mirahi, Maurizio served as Director of Technology of Emakina and as VP of Engineering of Selligent Marketing Cloud. ​

    Maurizio has led led small technology teams, as well as divisions of up to 80 individuals in countries such as Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey. He has worked for clients in Europe, the US and the Middle East. ​

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