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Project Management

Project management can be a complex and challenging process, but also a critical one. With the right tools and processes in place, we can help your company complete projects on time, within budget, with risks anticipation and mitigation. Result? The makings of a successful rollout with far less stress.

What is Project Management as a Service

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is consulting service that allows customers to hire a project manager for specific project or timeframe and delivery it with the requested quality. The value of such services is that clients can scale the time and HR assets to fit their unique needs.

Advantages of Project Management
  • Better costs management and increased profitability 

  • Reduce management effort

  • Shorten delivery time

  • Improve delivery quality

  • Manage peak workloads

  • Smooth change management

  • Improve the project capability/capacity of the companies

What do we offer?

Adaptable project management Process

Mirahi's Project Management Process has passed the strong and robust ISO9001:2015 certification.

Mirahi applies this process across internal and external projects. The process encompasses an input phase following contract signing, where the project manager receives comprehensive project details like location, team, and mission description. Substantial project management activities are guided by established methodologies renowned for delivering projects within quality, time, and cost parameters, managing risks, and exceeding stakeholder expectations. Renown project management methodologies like Agile, SAFe, ITIL, internationally recognized and anchored in various fields, empower Mirahi's project managers to adeptly select and apply relevant standards for each project. With resources like shared documentation and training programs, Mirahi ensures the mastery of methodologies, fostering exceptional project delivery and certification attainment.

Project Management ChartProject Management Chart

Bulletproof Project Management Methodologies

Our IT Project managers are trained and/or certified on the most powerful methodologies of the market such as:

  • Prince2

  • ITIL

  • Scrum

  • PMI

  • Agile

  • Kanban

 All of the above methodologies have demonstrated their ability to:

  • Monitor and deliver a project within a quality, cost, and time frame.

  • Manage risks and opportunities, while meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customers and stakeholders.

  • These methodologies are well-known and constitute international standards in various fields of application.

The Benefits of Mirahi's stellar HR approach and human soft skills stand above the competition

Mirahi is very careful on the screening of good Project Manager in their fields of expertise, but who also have the human values and soft skills (leadership, empathy, sociability, responsibility...). That allow them to fit in smoothly, understand and be effective rapidly within any type of organization and level of hierarchy.

Our Project Management Toolbox

  • Confluence

  • Jira

  • Azure DevOps

  • Ganttproject

  • Trello

  • Microsoft Project

Knowledge we like to share

As the name implies, we also have a "Digital Garden." It's a website where we share everything we've learned over the years. The topics and formats we offer are diverse. It can be as simple as "I learned today" or as detailed as an entire "How to" procedure.

Discover the Digital Garden

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