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  • Brussels-based Mirahi has serious growth plans 

  • Diversity key to unique atmosphere 

Brussels — 24 January 2023 — Mirahi announces that Maurizio Pedriale has joined the company as Co-Chief Technical Officer. Most recently Pedriale served as VP Engineering of the global cloud marketing platform Selligent. Prior to that he was the Director of Technology for Emakina, one of the largest digital agencies based in Brussels. Both firms count several hundred employees, why the switch to a company currently numbering eighteen? 


“Mirahi is truly the best kept secret in technology excellence,” says Pedriale. “The opportunity to scale a small, relatively unknown technology company that offers consulting, development, and training services to a range of interesting clients is both intriguing and motivating.” 


Mirahi was started in March 2020 by Bouba Siddighi Barry, Dasha Bespyatova, and Josué Motte. Previously colleagues in several technology firms, the three dreamed of shifting gears and launching a Japanese restaurant. They completed business plans and other formalities, but two weeks before the pandemic caused a nationwide lockdown, the trio quickly revised their legal statutes to include their best skills and experience: technology (Barry and Motte) and HR, business development and legal (Bespyatova). In the first month they closed a contract with a multinational, soon followed by government institutions and partnering agencies within the year. 


The off-the-radar success is part of the reason, Pedriale sees a strong future with Mirahi. The founders combine sky-high ambition with a down-to-earth way of working, “A rare find,” says Pedriale. Using his twenty plus years in technology, he brings know-how in how to scale a company, having managed teams in his native Italy, as well as Poland, France, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, on top of his adopted homeland of Belgium.  

picture of maurizio pedrialepicture of maurizio pedriale


Pedriale’s multicultural background suits the extraordinarily diverse Mirahi. The company counts over nine native languages in addition to French and Dutch, representing four continents. Spoken languages are dwarfed by the number of computer technologies the team masters: sixty-seven. “Talent bubbles over at Mirahi. On top of being hard-working, the team is friendly and welcoming, but there is an indescribable, unique atmosphere—one I haven’t come across in my nearly two decades of professional work, likely a result of a selective recruitment process, the diverse team,” and Pedriale laughs, “a sizeable dose of Japanese-inspired touches.” 


According to Pedriale’s fellow Co-CTO, Boubacar Siddighi Barry, the company’s name Mirahi sounds like the Japanese word for future. “We believe technology shapes the future, but humans are at the heart,” says Barry. “In growing Mirahi to the next stage, we wanted to have someone that believes in both technology and people,” says Bespyatova, Chief Business Officer, before confirming that the common denominator of the Mirahi team is “being genuinely nice.” 


Adds Motte, Chief Information Officer, “we look for ways to bring people together, whether sharing knowledge, discussing ways to improve performance, or debating between sushi or ramen. Maurizio will fit right in and make sure we hit our benchmarks.” 

Boubacar S Barry Josué Motte Dasha Bespyatove PictureBoubacar S Barry Josué Motte Dasha Bespyatove Picture


Mirahi’s 2023 goals showcase the company’s determination and enterprise. Mirahi will introduce a Fractional CTO service, acquire ISO 27001 certification, and launch an e-commerce shop featuring Japanese-inspired hoodies and gear—on top of ambitious upskilling, hiring and sales objectives. 


Says Bespyatova, “We are thrilled to have Maurizio’s experience and perspective and know he will make a great asset to our slightly younger—but highly dedicated—team as we move towards establishing our company and strengthening our future.” Pedriale: “I’m looking forward to making Mirahi less of a secret” 


Mirahi, founded in March 2020, offers a broad range of technology, consulting, and training services. Currently comprised of 8 software engineers, 3 infrastructure engineers, 3 UX/UI designers, 1 UI engineer, 1 project manager and 3 business team members, the company occupies two floors, 650m2 of office space, at 120 Avenue Louise in 1000 Brussels. 


Dasha Bespyatova,

Dasha +32 499 61 75 50 (WhatsApp) 


Maurizio Pedriale,

Maurizio +32 474 94 01 63 (Phone/WhatsApp)