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Angular for Beginners

Get into understand the philosophy and functioning of the Angular framework and create your first applications with TypeScript and RxJS 


2 days

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  • Understand the philosophy and functioning of the Angular framework  

  • Designing an Angular application with TypeScript and RxJS  

  • Create your own components, services, Angular pipes 


  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and a good level in JavaScript (ES6 and above)  

  • Laptop to bring with Node.js, Git and your text/IDE editor (Vscode, Webstorm, Vim, ...) installed 


  1. ES5 to ES6 and TypeScript refresher  

  2. Classes, Spread operator, Arrow functions, Immutability  

  3. Understanding import and exports   

  4. Types  

  5. Decorator  

  6. Angular building blocks & Project setup (schematics)  

  7. Components  

  8. Template syntax  

  9. Binding syntax  

  10. Smart and dumb components  

  11. Directives, and Pipes  

  12.  ngIf, * syntax and <ng-template>   

  13. ngFor and iterating collections   

  14. ngClass, className bindings, ngStyle  

  15. Pipes and Safe navigation operator   

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Your mentor


  • Boubacar S. Barry

    Software Engineer

    Bouba is an extremely enthusiastic mentor, but never call him “Mister Barry.” He’s easygoing by nature, but serious when it comes to development. Other than that, he enjoys teaching and helping people understand everything in the course. He will not give up on you.

    “Sharing knowledge should be everybody’s goal; it helps us all.”

  • Sam Ndagano

    Software Engineer

    Sam believes that being a good mentor is based on building trust with the training participants. He tends to create an environment where he is perceived as a peer rather than a trainer. He strives to really lean into a topic so that all angles are covered.

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