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Design Thinking Workshop

Get to discover our design thinking strategy process to create an efficient, innovative, and user-centered design for your users.


2 days

image of a lightbulb with a pen on it image of a lightbulb with a pen on it


  • Define measurable objectives for your project 

  • Identify who your users are 

  • Find the best strategy to help your user realize their goals 

  • Analyze data based on user research 

  • Create wireframe based on your analysis  

  • Create styleguide with brand identity 


  • None


  1. Goals from UX – UI – CX  

  2. Design thinking process overview 

  3. Strategy process 

  4. User research 

  5. User needs 

  6. Scope 

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Your mentors


  • Céline Legros

    Lead UX/UI Designer

    Céline has a passion for helping people reach their full potential and believes that design thinking is a powerful tool that can be used to solve complex problems. Full of empathy for future users, Céline always puts herself in their shoes.

  • Margot Eeckhout

    UX/UI Designer

    Margot is a UX/UI designer dedicated to growth and learning. She loves her cat Bene, but a close second is sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Always eager to help, Margot explores new ideas and concepts, and greatly enjoys seeing her mentees succeed.

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