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Docker Training

Get to discover Docker and master how to manage containerized applications.


2 days

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  • Set up a working environment 

  • Master the basic concepts of Docker technology (image, link, data, log, init, env) 

  • Be able to create and debug containers 

  • Manage images locally and remotely 

  • Knowing how to manage containers 

  • Identify the risks and challenges inherent in Docker 

  • Understand the basic concepts of Docker Swarm 


  • Linux system administration and infrastructure concepts 

  • Knowledge of shell language 


  1. Introduction to Docker 

  2. Reminders infrastructures 

  3. Installation 

  4. On its environment 

  5. Container 

  6. Creation of a container 

  7. Configuration of a container 

  8. Image 

  9. Creation of a container 

  10. Configuration of a container 

  11. Image 

  12. Creating an image 

  13. Sharing your image 

  14. Advanced Concepts 

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Your Mentor


  • Josué Motte

    Cloud Engineer

    Josué will nurture your curiosity and guide you through the forest of technology learning. You will have time to wonder, space to explore, but Josué will have your back if you’re stuck. He willingly shares his expertise, but also real-life problems and tried and true ways to solve them.

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