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Kubernetes Training

Deep dive into Kubernetes and learn how to build, deploy, configure, and administer a dev. environment based on Kubernetes!

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  • Understand the functioning and architecture of Kubernetes 

  • Install, configure, and administer a dev. environment based on Kubernetes 

  • Implement the best practices associated with the development of an application deployed in Kubernetes 


  • Know the basic Linux systems 

  • How to use Docker 

  • Optional: knowledge of application delivery automation (CI/CD, Jenkins, etc.). 


  1. How Kubernetes works 

  2. What is a pod, a deployment, a service, an operator? 

  3. Starting and status of a container on a Kubernetes cluster 

  4. Network flows 

  5. The role of the "ingress controller".  

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Your Mentor


  • Josué Motte

    Cloud Engineer

    Josué will nurture your curiosity and guide you through the forest of technology learning. You will have time to wonder, space to explore, but Josué will have your back if you’re stuck. He willingly shares his expertise, but also real-life problems and tried and true ways to solve them.

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