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Modern JavaScript

Get a grasp of main JavaScript concepts and discover all the tooling environment around it.


2 days

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  • Our training is designed to teach you everything you need to know to confidently write modern JavaScript production-ready code.


  • A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. 


  1. Javascript History

  2. Variable Declarations (var vs let vs const)

  3. Destructuring
        - Object
        - Array

  4. Shorthand Properties and Method Names

  5. Computed Property Names

  6. Template Literals

  7. Arrow Functions

  8. Default Parameters

  9. Compiling vs Polyfills with Babel

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Your mentor


  • Boubacar S. Barry

    Software Engineer

    Bouba is an extremely enthusiastic mentor, but never call him “Mister Barry.” He’s easygoing by nature, but serious when it comes to development. Other than that, he enjoys teaching and helping people understand everything in the course. He will not give up on you.

    “Sharing knowledge should be everybody’s goal; it helps us all.”

  • Anthony Antoine

    Software Engineer

    Anthony is the kind of trainer that makes you feel at home: he aims for sessions that are relaxed, comfortable and give you the sense that you’re in a safe environment. Don’t be fooled! Be ready to learn a lot! Anthony will deep dive fearlessly into complex concepts, making you learn from his extensive expertise and experience through a variety of projects.

  • Sam Ndagano

    Software Engineer

    Sam believes that being a good mentor is based on building trust with the training participants. He tends to create an environment where he is perceived as a peer rather than a trainer. He strives to really lean into a topic so that all angles are covered.

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