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React for Beginners

Deep dive into React from scratch and create your first project including hooks, data fetching and more!

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  • You will be able to Understand React, it’s ecosystem and how it all fits together. 

  • You will be able to bootstrap your own React app and make it grow with a routing system and a backend integration. 

  • You will also know how to enter a React app that’s already in development, how to find your way in an unknown codebase and how to debug someone else’s code. 


  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS. 

  • Good knowledge of JavaScript (this, closures, arrow functions)  


  1. React basics 

  2. What is React? 

  3. How does it work? 

  4. What is a component?  

  5. How to create a React application 

  6. Create our own components 

  7. Communication between components 

  8. Make our components dynamic  

  9. Hooks 

  10. Data fetching with useEffect 

  11. useEffect: the pitfalls to avoid 

  12. JavaScript closures, why? 

  13. Custom hooks 

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Your Mentor


  • Boubacar S. Barry

    Software Engineer

    Bouba is an extremely enthusiastic mentor, but never call him “Mister Barry.” He’s easygoing by nature, but serious when it comes to development. Other than that, he enjoys teaching and helping people understand everything in the course. He will not give up on you.

    “Sharing knowledge should be everybody’s goal; it helps us all.”

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