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Ansible Training

Get to discover Ansible and understand how to create centralized infrastructure management.


2 days

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  • Understanding centralized infrastructure management 

  • Know the basic tools and apply them  

  • Integrate good practices 

  • Create your own modules 


  • Knowledge in system administration 

  • Scripting language skills such as Bash and PowerShell are a big plus for the advanced aspects of the training


  1. A first glimpse of Ansible 

  2. Infrastructure As a Code 

  3. Concepts and basic infrastructure 

  4. Installation and configuration of the tool 

  5. Control Lines 

  6. The inventory 

  7. Inventory file 

  8. Groups, HostVar, GroupVars 

  9. Dynamic inventory 

  10. References 

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Your Mentor


  • Josué Motte

    Cloud Engineer

    Josué will nurture your curiosity and guide you through the forest of technology learning. You will have time to wonder, space to explore, but Josué will have your back if you’re stuck. He willingly shares his expertise, but also real-life problems and tried and true ways to solve them.

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